{Work} Plum and Pistachio


Today was a beautiful sunny afternoon so my boyfriend and I took the chance for a little shopping tour through the city.  And not just an ordinary tour – we went vintage shopping. Since Hamburg’s city is divided by a huge lake in the middle we literally circled the water and made it to 6 different stores. I tried on a beautiful vintage Chanel pencil skirt which unfortunately was too small. I also saw a few other goodies but I was actually looking for specific things and normally I am too focussed on these and don’t find anything at all. But my boyfriend was successful. Now we are back at home and I wanted to show you my outfit  quickly: I wore my new neon bag for the first time along with a plum blouse and  pistachio colored pants. This is a look that I would also wear to the office and probably already did.


Jacket – Malvin, Blouse, Pants and Shoes – Zara, Bag and Bracelets- H&M, Necklace – Banana Republic, Watch – Michael Kors


Thanks for reading lovelies! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

xo ~ Christina

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20 thoughts on “{Work} Plum and Pistachio

  1. Hallo! Ich mag deine Mantel und die Farben deine Kleidungs. I guess my German has gotten rusty, but I love this outfit, both casual and chic! And this jacket is to die for, it looks like vintage Chanel!
    Very glad I discovered your blog!
    Tchüss für jetzt
    Mademoiselle Sonushka

    • @Nikita: Die Hose habe ich im Herbst gekauft und die gibt es so leider nicht mehr. Ich habe auch extra nochmal geschaut. Tut mir leid.

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