{Casual} Favorite Flats


Shoes – Mango

Today I wanted to share my currently favorite pair of flats with you. This pair has been on constant duty the past few weeks. They are so incredibly comfortable and practically wearable with any outfit. If you have seen my last post (here) you might have already noticed them. Thank you for reading lovelies and have a wonderful Wednesday!

xo ~ Christina

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  1. EMA says: Reply

    Perfect flats, they can be worn for any occasion!



  2. antoinette says: Reply

    Every wardrobe needs a good pair of menswear inspired shies. Looks like you found yours!

    1. antoinette says: Reply


  3. Jodi says: Reply

    I love these shoes. I love wearing men’s styled shoes with dresses and skirts


  4. Inga says: Reply

    perfect flats, love it!
    xx inga

  5. Wow, those are divine!!
    XO Courtney

  6. they’re lovely, really!

  7. Elle says: Reply

    They’re perfect!
    xx Elle

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