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L’eau de Chloé

According to my latest read  “How to be Parisian – Wherever you are” a woman should have found her signature scent by the age of 30 and then stick to it for the next 30 years. As for me, I found mine about six years ago and I haven’t used any other perfume since then (and yes, I am over thirty). I have to admit though that I have not only been using one scent alone but changed within the Chloé family. This works because the basis is the same so it is more like wearing variations of the same scent. At the moment, however, my favourite of the family is L’eau de Chloé.

Thank you for reading lovelies and have a wonderful Monday!

xo ~ Christina

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  1. A says: Reply

    Have a great week!

  2. Anya says: Reply

    I was offered a sample of these perfumes while buying my Armani scent and have to admit that it’s really beautiful 🙂


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