Return of the 90s

Return of the 90s

This outfit is like a journey back in time. I probably wore this sometime in the 90s and simply put the pieces aside for later times to come. Which means now. Well, I did not because at some point all my Levis 501 disappeared at some fleamarket and were not seen ever since. This summer however I started looking into them again and finally gave in. So here they are, the new 501 paired with a simple grey sweater, heels and a bandana. I have to admit though that my bandanas in the 90s were much simpler made of cotton whereas this version is silk and looks much more sophisticated. Now, the big question – how do you like this look and would you wear it? I’d love to hear!


Sweater – Uniqlo (shop here), Jeans – Levis 501 via Zalando (shop here), Shoes – Mango (shop here), Silk Scarf – Leon and Harper (shop here), Bag – Chloe (shop here)


Thank you for reading lovelies and happy Monday!

xo ~ Christina

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Pullover Levis Heels Scarf

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