Lanzarote Travel Diary I

Lanzarote Travel Diary I

I was lucky to escape of what was to be the first snow of the season. My boy and I had booked a last minute vacation and it took us to Lanzarote, Canary Islands. We both had been here before and we had both liked it a lot. Before chosing Lanzarote as a travel destination, there are a few things you should consider: The island has a breathtaking landscape but you have to be willing to explore to fully enjoy it. It is most likely going to be windy (up to even stormy) and there are beautiful beaches where you can lay on the beach but cannot go swimming due to strong currents. Lanzarote is different but I find it stunningly beautiful. One of the things I love about this island are the strong colors. The backdrop is mostly black stones or mountains – volcanic I might add – and all colors other than black seem to glow. I picked out my favorite pictures to give you a glimpse.

Travel Diary15Travel Diary3

As I have mentioned it is windy very often and the few days we spent on the island were no exception. Some days it would literally blow us away from the beach and we used the time to drive around and walk through the volcanic landscape. You can mostly see the wind by the condition of my hair. When it comes to the outfit I am wearing an all Zara look – I did not get any new pieces for this vacation but put together looks with what I have had in my closet.

Travel Diary10

Thank you for reading lovelies and happy Wednesday!

xo ~ Christina

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