Jeans in the Office

Jeans in the Office

Jeans in the Office?

Is it an absolute “No-Go” in a corporate office? I say it depends. First of all, it depends on your schedule on the chosen day. If I have official meetings I would never go for jeans. Never. But if it is just a normal office day where I spend most of the time at my desk or in internal meetings, I do wear jeans. Then, of course, it also depends on what kind of jeans you want to wear. I would never wear any fashionable pieces to work but go for a decent, preferably non destroyed or cut off version.

This pair is a classic Levis 501 (with a little destroyed piece which I simply ignore). Straight shape and ankle high. With sneakers this pair of jeans would go straight to casual weekend, but with a pair of heels and a blazer it can go straight to work.


What I am wearing today:

Blazer – H&M (get similar here or here), Top -Mango (get it here), Jeans – Levis 501 (get it here), Shoes – Asos (get similar here), Bag – Louis Vuitton (get it  here), Watch – Michael Kors (get it here)


Thank you for reading lovelies and happy Friday!

xo ~ Christina

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