Simply Summer

Simply Summer

A perfect summer vacation!

A perfect summer vacation for me has something to do with water, preferably the ocean. And since it has been a while since I ‘ve been in my beloved second home, Croatia, you can probably imagine my excitement when we finally sat in the car and drove south. All the way from Berlin down through the Alps to the Mediterranean. My family lives on the island of Krk so we don’t have to drive far south along the coast which makes ist fairly ok to drive. Plus, I love a good roadtrip.

When we arrived by the water the first thing I had to do is just jump in the clear blue and take a swim. It was amazing! And then we spent the days being lazy at the beach, having dinner with the family and enjoying our stay. One item was with me at the beach every day, my floating Doughnut. I bought it last summer but actually never used it. So I was really happy to bring it along and just float in the Mediterranean under the sun. While I am writing this I am still on holidays having a wonderful time and I hope you all had or still have a lovely vacation, too.

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