Charleston. Beautiful and charming Charleston.

Those were probably the first adjectives that come into my mind when I first visited the city five years ago. Back then we only did a quick sightseeing tour and saw the most important sight. But I already knew back then I wanted to come back and take more time to explore the city. This summer I finally did. I booked a room for a night at one of the most historic hotel in the region: The Francis Marion Hotel in the heart of Charleston. When we arrived we parked the car, checked in to drop off our bags and then went for a walk. It was super hot and sunny so we would walk a litlle and then sit down and drink something. I love the atmosphere of the city with its beautiful historic houses – most of them in pastel colors.

We had a light lunch at Magnolias and then started our tour walking. We passed by Rainbow Row, strolled along King Street, visited the Charleston City Market where I got some amazing scented candles from Rewined.  Outfitwise, I picked this striped summer dress with cutouts on the sides. But since there was no breeze at all – it was still super hot. In the evening we had an amazing dinner at Butcher & Bee. We liked it so much that we actually checked out their second location which is more of a breakfast place: The Daily.  We actually walked up King Street to get there and on the way back we walked into several little stores on the way.

As a perfect finish to the two day trip we took to Charleston, we drove to Sullivan’s Island. We actually wanted to check out another lunch place there but of 365 days in the year they chose to be closed that exact day we got there. So we drove back to Hilton Head Island where we were staying at my brother’s house during our vacation.







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