Daytrip to Savannah.

When on vacation we always try to find a good mix between relaxing and exploring. This summer we had the focus on relaxing but we did a little bit of exploring as well. In my lasr post I already shared some photos from out two day trip to Charleston. Today I want to add some photos from Savannah. Since I have also been here before and done the classic sightseing this time we simply wandered the streets and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Personally, I love Savannah even more than Charleston. The houses often are more run down than in Charleston but somehow this give the city an even more enchanted feel. Charleston in many places is very “cleaned-up” whereas Savannah is more of a pure beauty. And then, of course, the setting of the town with its many squares and the low hanging trees also add a lot to its charm.  The day we drove down south to Savannah was probably the hottest day of our entire vacation. If I could have, I would have worn just a bikini – but since that is not appropriate I picked a very flowy strapless top and white shorts. This was the least I could have worn and I was still boiling hot.

So we did take a break at the wonderful Collins Quarter and enjoyed a light lunch plus cold drinks. After having refreshed we kept on walking. This is just a little insight to the beauty of Savannah and I hope you like it.

savannah5 savannah6






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    Oh wow, so cool!

    Alice Cerea

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      Thank you Alice! 🙂

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