Blush Sweater, Pink Shoes. Not a typical winter combo.

But for me an absolute favorite of the moment. I will probably wear it over and over again, so you might get used to seeing this look again. I found this sweater sometime last week and fell in love with it. Anything in blush pink actually catches my attention at the moment. Probably because I am not ready for winter yet. And probably also because it basically turned cold overnight here in Berlin.

Approximately at the same time I bought the sweater I also found the shoes. What a coincidence that they are pink as well, right? Well, not so much. But I actually got the shoes for another reason. I have a few bottom pieces (skirt and pants) in red tones and I thought the shoes would look really nice in combination with red. But that outfit has not happened yet. Instead, I keep in wearing the shoes with similar soft hues.

Can you wear this kind of look for work? Does it not look too “girly”? My answers would be: Yes, you can. And no, it doesn’t. It is a very simple look and if you are not accessorizing it with more than just a watch and maybe small earrings there is nothing girly about it. The color, yes, but never be afraid of wearing pink tones, not even to the office.


Blush Pink Sweater Winter 2016


Pink Shoes Color Splash Bag 2016

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! If you like this outfit and want to recreate it check out the pieces I have put together for you. Have a wonderful Monday lovelies!

xo, Christina

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