Black and White Stripes. A classic.

And a very good basis for many working outfits. Whether you wear it with jeans or, as in this case, cropped pants – a simple black and white stripe top makes any outfit look a little more glamorous. But why is that? Is it because we see photos of Parisiam women rocking this look? Or does the pattern remind us of beautiful summer days along the French Riviera?

Whatever it is, it is certainly working. For this office look I paired a long sleeve black and white top with my favorite grey coulottes and a black blazer with cropped sleeves. The shoe choice might not be every ones favorite but if you do not like this type of shoes you can simply wear this look with a pair of black heels or even flats.

Stripes Black White Crop Pants Work Outfit 2016 2

Stripes Black White Crop Pants Work Outfit 2016 3

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! If you like this outfit and want to recreate it check out the pieces I have put together for you. Have a wonderful Monday lovelies!

xo, Christina


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