A day in Joshua Tree.

Yet another amazing day in the deserts of California. Although I have to admit that Joshua Tree does not necessarily look or feel like a desert. When driving in through the South Entrance it sdoes have a desert look to it, but when moving forward to the north it gets greener and greener. When the first actual Joshua Trees appear on the side of the road I did have a smile on my face. I always wanted to go to this State Park but haven’t had the time before. So I was beyond thrilled when I knew that we were gonna visit this time.

For this excursion I again wore my favorite pair of jeans and sneakers and paired it with a printed T-Shirt and blazer. Just the right outfit for a day in the desert. In the sunshine it was really nice and warm and I was able to take the jacket of. As soon as the sun was shaded by clouds I got chilly. It was all about layering during this vacation. Even though I was in California, where the sun always shines – the sun does not always shine. And it is winter after all.






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