There is nothing more exciting to me than kicking off a new year with travelling. This year, same as last year, my year began with a working trip to China. And also same as last year my colleague from Germany and I extended our stay for a little bit longer. Who wants to travel to China only for three days? Exactly!

We landed in Hong Kong where we spent the first day and night. Since I had already been to Hong Kong, I wanted to see more of China and after work was done in Shenzhen in the South of China (just behind the border of Hong Kong), we flew north to Shanghai, the city where modern innovations and old traditions meet like nowhere else. In shanghai you can basically pay everywhere with your smartphone – even on the farmers market or the tiniest corner shop. There are fully automated supermarkets and the sharing economy can be seen through millions and millions of bikes all over the city. Shanghai is exciting and we stayed just on the edge of the modern city and old Shanghai with narrow streets and lots of traditional shops. Speaking of shops – I have never in my life seen so many shopping areas as in Shanghai.



Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

xo, Christina

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