My name is Christina, I am a thirty-something year young freelancer living in Berlin!

The past five years, Styleclouds has been my personal style diary focussing on work appropriate outfits beyond black suits and white blouses. I have been a corporate girl for more than ten years working in industries where certain standards apply to business outfits. I always tried to skirt around these on a daily basis. But since nobody works 24/7 I also always shared casual weekend and vacation outfits with you. Basically, Styleclouds has always been an eclectic collection of everday looks and inspirations that crossed my path.

Why am I writing in the past tense? For a very simple reason, I am not a corporate girl anymore. Therefore, my focus has changed a little bit. Styleclouds will continue to be my style diary.  I will give you insights into what you can wear to the office but I also want to change the focus a little bit on my life today. I am a freelancer now and my working wardrobe has different needs today. It can be casual when working at home but then it also has to be “business appropriate” when meeting with a client.

Styleclouds therfore continues to be an ecclectic collection of working outfits mixed with casual looks and a little bit of everyting that comes along with living in Berlin. If you like to get in touch with me, you can currently reach me at styleclouds[at]yahoo.de!

I am looking forward to hearing from you! Have a fabulous day!

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