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  • {Travel} In Bruges

    When in Bruges I was completely overwhelmed by the charm of this adorable little town. The old houses, the water canals, little chocolate shops everywhere. Bruges – you got me. Since we only spent an afternoon here we did the touristy thing and went sightseeing. We strolled along the streets of Bruges, stopped here and there to […]

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  • {Travel} Antwerp

    This past weekend I spent travelling our neighbor country Belgium and I fell in love. We spent the nights in Bruxelles and drove to both Bruges and Antwerp for a day each. I had been in Antwerp before at the age of 14  and I did remember a few places. What I did not remember, mostly because […]

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  • {Vacation} Death Valley

    The past two months have been pretty hectic but for the last ten days I have been able to completely leave the stress behind – I am on vacation. In California (and surrounding states). I have never been here before but the weather alone is fabulous. And what I have seen so far has been pretty amazing! I am […]

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  • {Vacation} Vienna

    A long weekend followed by another long weekend plus lots of vacation days left does not leave much room for thinking – let’s fly away! This time I am splitting my vacation into two city trips and I started with beautiful Vienna. I have never been before and I was curious to see what this historic […]

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  • {Weekend} Snow Leopard

    Last Tuesday I was sitting outfit by the waterfront during lunchbreak enjoying the warmth of the spring sun. Wait, spring? Supposedly, it is to begin in two weeks but as of last night winter has returned. This morning I was woken up by the sound of a snowplough and when I opened the window it […]