• Croatia
  • Simply Summer

    A perfect summer vacation! A perfect summer vacation for me has something to do with water, preferably the ocean. And since it has been a while since I ‘ve been in my beloved second home, Croatia, you can probably imagine my excitement when we finally sat in the car and drove south. All the way from […]

  • Fashion
  • The Norway Sweater

    The Norway printed Sweater! Definitely one of my favorites! This Norway printed sweater has become one of my favorite winter pieces this year. I like wearing graphic patterns because they make even the simplest look stand out. This sweater works just as well with jeans as it does with pencil skirts (seen on this look) or cropped pants […]

  • Fashion
  • Print Mix

    Mixing pieces from my wardrobe today! For this year, or at least this winter, I wanted to wear only things that are already in my closet. Meaning: I didn’t want to buy new things for winter. If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you know that I already broke that resolution when I bought a […]