• Fashion

    Blush Pink Sweater Winter 2016

    Blush Sweater, Pink Shoes. Not a typical winter combo. But for me an absolute favorite of the moment. I will probably wear it over and over again, so you might get used to seeing this look again. I found this sweater sometime last week and fell in love with it. Anything in blush pink actually […]

  • Casual
  • Biker Boots

    Just before the weekend I want to show you my favorite weekend look these days: a warm knit sweater, jeans and boots. In this outfit my focus is definitely on the boots. Aren’t they amazing? I found them while actually looking for another pair of boots (I showed you my selection here). They are a little edgier […]

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  • {Casual} Off Shoulder

    Let’s talk trends today: Off Shoulders. They are all around us. When I bought this top in January the idea of wearing an off shoulder blouse was still far away as it was freezing cold out there. But now the time has come and I wear this blouse as oftten as I can. Which is not for […]

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  • {Casual} Let’s Go for a Walk

    Coat – Zara, Pants – Closed, Sweater – Mango, Shoes – Mango This is what I usually wear when I am going for a walk: Jeans, a simple but chic sweater, comfortable flats and a matching coat. For these occasions I only carry a small crossbody bag with the basics and voilá – let’s go for a […]

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  • {Casual} Denim Love

    I love jeans! And if you were to open my closet you would see – there is a lot of denim in there. I am not a big fan of denim jackets, skirts, coats etc. but jeans, oh yes, I love jeans. This pair is one of my favorites and has been on constant rotation the […]