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{Weekend} Pop of Orange

The past few days I have been at home with my family. My brother, who lives in the US, comes home every June with his wife and I try to spend as much time with them as possible. Since I had to pack for four […]

{Work} Do It Yourself

If you follow me on Instagram (@Styleclouds) you might have already seen this top. It used to be a simple grey sweater which had shrunk after washing. The length is still good but the arms were simply too short. So the other weekend I took […]

{Weekend} Denim and Leather

The weather has finally changed for the better and the past few days have been very warm. Not always sunny but warm but nice enough to leave my coat and scarf at home. I paired my leather pants with a classic striped tee and sandals […]

{Work} Classic

Sometimes I like wearing a classic office look with everything there is to it. In my opinion that would be a pencil skirt with a white shirt or blouse and a blazer. This time I picked an old skirt from my mum’s closet and paired […]

{Weekend} Neon

This weekend I spent at my mom’s and found this navy blue cloat in the back of her closet. She wore this beauty when she was about my age and I was thrilled to see it fit me perfectly. It’s a very classic cut and  […]

{Weekend} The 90s Are Back

Last weekend I took a trip back into the 90s – outfitwise. While I was reading the new German InStyle Saturday morning I stumbled upon a very similar outfit. I really liked the casual top with the chic heels and since I had all the […]