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  • Stripes & Coulottes

    Grey Stripes2

    The other day it was rather warm-ish outside and I decided to wear my favorite coulottes. Boy, was I mislead – by the afternoon it cooled down again and was freezing cold the rest of the day. But I will definitely wear this again when it really gets warmer outside. I like how Coulottes turn every […]

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  • {Casual} Culottes reloaded

    Brrrrr….it is getting cold out there. But as I am not ready for winter yet I try to fight it with transition outfits. Just for the mood. And one piece I find to be very helpful in this plan are these copper culottes (previously seen here). They work with heels and they also work with […]

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  • Work} Copper Culottes

    This is a rather unusual outfit for me because A: I don’t own many clothes in this color scheme and B: I have never worn Culottes before. But since they have been all over the place for quite some time I wanted to give them a try. And this pair is actually currently on sale which made my […]