Tag: Denim

{Casual} Denim Love

I love jeans! And if you were to open my closet you would see – there is a lot of denim in there. I am not a big fan of denim jackets, skirts, coats etc. but jeans, oh yes, I love jeans. This pair is one […]

{Weekend} Chic Casual

This weekend we had the fist sunny and warm days for weeks. After all the rain and cold it was a welcomed change to not wear warm coats and carry umbrellas around all the time. As there was a local street Festival going on in my […]

{DIY} Bejwelled Denim Blouse

Beaded and bejewelled tops and shirts are all over the shops these days. But so far I haven’t found the right one yet. So I thought of doing it myself? I was inspired by a white blouse the lovely Geneva from A Pair and a […]

{Weekend} Denim and Leather

The weather has finally changed for the better and the past few days have been very warm. Not always sunny but warm but nice enough to leave my coat and scarf at home. I paired my leather pants with a classic striped tee and sandals […]