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Long Coat

Long Coat

If you were to bump into me on the streets (both weekend or weekday) this is the coat I would most likely be wearing. It has been on repeat ever since I got it in early December. I love the length of it as it […]



Last week I was at an exhibition for work. Two days of walking around the grounds, having meetings, listening to presentations and panels make the choice of what to wear rather challenging. I knew the fair did not require business wear so I opted for […]

{Work} Is This Winter?

When looking out of my window in the mornings it does not make me happy very often these days. Usually, it is grey and dark and doesn’t really get light during the day. Only a few times we had snow – a little snow – and […]

{Work} Brocade Pants

I found these brocade pants by coincidence at my local H&M. And I was even more fortunate because they were on sale. If you follow my blog regularly you know that I am always looking out for a good bargain and these pants are just […]

{Work} Mixing Materials

Now this post is all about mixing materials. If you follow my blog regularly you know I love mixing prints. So far I have never mixed fabrics so I am a newbie to this. Therefore I picked a rather classic combination with a pencil faux […]

{Work} The Garden Behind the Fence

Today’s outfit has earned itself a very lyric name: The Garden behind the Fence. My pants then are the garden full of flowers and my top is the fence you have to look over into the garden. I liked the metafor and thought I’d use it as […]