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  • Checked Blouse

    Grey Black White Checked1

    Checked Blouse. A checked blouse with bell sleeves. Can it get any better? I am a big fan of blouses and even more so if they have special details. It does not come as a surprise that I immediatly fell in love with this one. Classic check pattern and bell sleeves. It just works so […]

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  • Printed Dress

    Dress Print Pleated Midi Winter 2016 1

    Printed Dresses. When in doubt wear a dress. Possibly a printed dress to make it a bit more exciting. You don’t have to worry about what to pair it with, you simply throw it on, pick a pair of shoes, a bag and off you go. It is an easy option for those days when you […]

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  • Black & White Stripes

    Stripes Black White Crop Pants Work Outfit 2016 1

    Black and White Stripes. A classic. And a very good basis for many working outfits. Whether you wear it with jeans or, as in this case, cropped pants – a simple black and white stripe top makes any outfit look a little more glamorous. But why is that? Is it because we see photos of Parisiam […]

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  • Eco-Fashion


    Eco-Fashion. Sustainable Clothing. Last summer I had the great pleasure to get together with the founders of LOZENA.  Kathrine and Viktoria have launched their eco-fashion brand in the United States. but with the two sisters having roots in the Balkans, their pieces are modern but inspired by tradtional colors and motives. I was lucky to try on several pieces and style […]

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  • Two Toned

    Two Toned4

    Two Toned. I basically started putting this two toned outfit together from the bottom up. The shoes have been in my closet for years (who actually rememers what Zara season they were from?) and I still love them like the first day. The blazer is also two toned – altough the photos don’t really show, […]

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  • Stripes & Coulottes

    Grey Stripes2

    The other day it was rather warm-ish outside and I decided to wear my favorite coulottes. Boy, was I mislead – by the afternoon it cooled down again and was freezing cold the rest of the day. But I will definitely wear this again when it really gets warmer outside. I like how Coulottes turn every […]