• Travel

    Anza-Borrego State Park

    Anza-Borrego State Park. Or as I like to call it: Cactus Paradise! It was mere coincidence that I learned abut this State Park in Southern California but when we made plans for our vacation I knew I wanted to go there. And so we did. After our New Year’s celebration in Santa Monica we went on […]

  • Fashion
  • Stripes & Coulottes

    The other day it was rather warm-ish outside and I decided to wear my favorite coulottes. Boy, was I mislead – by the afternoon it cooled down again and was freezing cold the rest of the day. But I will definitely wear this again when it really gets warmer outside. I like how Coulottes turn every […]

  • Casual
  • Caramel & Stripes

    Have you already met my current casual weekend uniform. Hello there, we are a striped sweater, skinny pants, ankle boots. I could literally live in this outfit as it is super comfortable and, in my opinion, very chic. I wouldn’t wear this to work as I don’t think the skinnies paired with the booties are a work […]

  • Fashion
  • Maritime

    This fall has been unusually warm so far. Hardly any need for coats or scarfs. I guess that is one of the reasons why I still wear summer pieces such as these chinos and the striped tee. Usually, I change my wardrobe to winter sometime in October but this year I have not yet made […]

  • Fashion
  • {Work} Pleated

    Pleated skirts can be tricky to pair for an office look because they tend to look “girly”. But worn with the right pieces it can make a great work outfit. In this case I chose a striped top and a rather masculine shaped blazer to tone down the skirt. In my opinion this makes it […]

  • Fashion
  • {Work} Lace and Stripes

    People often say you should clean out your closet frequently to make space for new clothes. Well, I do clean out every spring but I am also a firm believer in keeping certain (many certain) pieces, such as this lace skirt. I have had it for at least five years and I still wear it every […]