Tag: Stripes

{New In} Stripes

The other day one of my girlfriends asked me how many striped shirts I owned. What I only realized then was, that I had met her for the third time in a row wearing a striped top. And yes, I do have quite a few […]

{Weekend} Skirt or Shorts?

Another weekend, another All-Zara-Look! What can I say, they simply have what I want. In this case I wanted the skort that you have seen so many times in the blogosphere. And I have to mention I got both the black and white ones. I […]

{Weekend} More Power to Stripes

I wore this outfit the other day when it started getting really sunny and warm. I got the skirt a few weeks ago and have been wearing it with tights before but this is the real thing: barelegged. I put together a casual-chic mix with […]

{Weekend} Denim and Leather

The weather has finally changed for the better and the past few days have been very warm. Not always sunny but warm but nice enough to leave my coat and scarf at home. I paired my leather pants with a classic striped tee and sandals […]

{Weekend} Zebra

So, yesterday the Super Bowl was on and since for us it was the middle of the night, we will watch the recap tonight. This means: no news for us because the results will be all over it. I know it sounds impossible to ignore […]

[New In] Spring Favourites

Last week I spent some time walking through the stores in the evenings, searching through the last sales and the new season pieces. After only a short while I realized that whatever I took in my hands was either black and white or in a […]