{Weekend} Dress Like a Celebrity


Those of you who follow my blog know that I usually do work appropriate outfits that are not just black suit and white blouse. Sometimes I also go for the weekend or holiday look – nobody works 24/7 right?! 🙂 But since today is not a day like every other this post  is also different. I hope you like it.

When I saw this photo of Olivia Palermo on Instagram last weekend I got a little carried away. The outfit is amazing! Olivia is one of those girls who could wear a plain piece of cloth and look fabulous!  I then realized that all the pieces she wears I have in a similar version in my closet. This is the outfit I put together and I like the result. Of course, the outfit does not make me Olivia but I still felt very elegant and celebrity-ish in this look. How do you like it?


 Dress and Top – Zara, Vest – Michael Kors, Shoes – H&M, Clutch – Mango, Cuffs – H&M


Thanks for reading and have a wonderful evening lovelies!

xo ~ Christina

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  1. Absolutely LOVE this look on you! I try to copy Olivia Palermo as much as possible (and copied one of her looks in my outfit post coming up on Friday)!! 🙂

  2. Beautiful outfit! i love it!
    if you want looks my new post on my blog http://catseyesmf.blogspot.com/
    I’ll wait you, have you a nice evening <3
    i follow you, i love your blog.

  3. STUNNING!! You look so beautiful!


  4. Marie Martell says: Reply

    omg I love it! Your version is super pretty!


  5. You look amazing! I have that dress too 🙂


  6. LINA says: Reply

    that is a gorgeous skirt! love this outfit!


  7. LOVE IT !! I think your outfit is better than the original one, and that skirt, gorgeous! well done, really ! so inspiring.

  8. Steph says: Reply

    Super cute vest! I love the shearling trim 🙂


  9. Nicole says: Reply

    I love it! It’s flowy and structured. You look beautiful!

    1. Christina says: Reply

      Thank you Nicole. 🙂

  10. Ooh you did such an amazing job! I love the outfit 😀

  11. Anna says: Reply

    Love the outfit…you look amazing! Love your blog…following you on bloglovin now!
    Check out mine and follow if you like!


  12. Hi Christina, I have just found your blog. Wow, this is a great outfit – especially love the skirt. Have a great weekend!

    Emma xo

    1. Christina says: Reply

      Thanks Emma! Have a wonderful weekend, too!

  13. Erica says: Reply

    I love this look. I think you are definitely rocking it and make it your own.

    xo erica

  14. Vicky says: Reply

    This looks absolutely stunning! Do we already follow us? (I’ve been following you on Instagram though :))

    The Golden Bun | new post | follow me

    1. Christina says: Reply

      Thanks Vicky! I follow you on Instagram as well. 🙂

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