{Weekend} Dress Like a Celebrity


Those of you who follow my blog know that I usually do work appropriate outfits that are not just black suit and white blouse. Sometimes I also go for the weekend or holiday look – nobody works 24/7 right?!:-) But since today is not a day like every other this post  is also different. I hope you like it.

When I saw this photo of Olivia Palermo on Instagram last weekend I got a little carried away. The outfit is amazing! Olivia is one of those girls who could wear a plain piece of cloth and look fabulous!  I then realized that all the pieces she wears I have in a similar version in my closet. This is the outfit I put together and I like the result. Of course, the outfit does not make me Olivia but I still felt very elegant and celebrity-ish in this look. How do you like it?


 Dress and Top – Zara, Vest – Michael Kors, Shoes – H&M, Clutch – Mango, Cuffs – H&M


Thanks for reading and have a wonderful evening lovelies!

xo ~ Christina

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