{Work} Flowers, a Bow and a Cosmetic Bag

Floral2-545x1024The title of today’s post shouldn’t leave any questions open, right? Well, maybe it does. Because what does a cosmetic bag have to do in it? But first things first. I found this floral blazer when I was shopping with my mum during my Easter weekend at home. It was one of the finds from Primark and I loved it right when I saw it. The blazer actually had a matching pair of shorts but unfortunately they didn’t look good on me. For this outfit I matched the blazer with my hollyhock pants (last worn here and here) and my favourite Zara heels. But now to the cosmetic bag. I got this as a present last year and I sometimes wear it as a clutch – I think it is too pretty to be only carried around in a suitcase. What do you think? Would you wear it as a bag?


Blazer – Primar (recent), Blouse – H&M (very old), Pants – Asos, Shoes – Zara, Clutch (actually a cosmetic bag) – Coach, Necklace – H&M, Watch – Michael Kors, Bracelets – Asos


Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Friday lovelies!

xo ~ Christina

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24 thoughts on “{Work} Flowers, a Bow and a Cosmetic Bag

  1. amazing look, really! If I see you in the street I would definitely say “wow this girl is sooo stylish!”
    love the jacket !
    and yes, I would wear the beauty bag as a real bag except I have my sandwich ,it doesn’t fit in it ahahah!!

  2. Ich finde der Blazer sieht toll zu der Hose aus! (Kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass die Hose in dem gleichen Muster besser gewesen wäre.) Sehr schöner, frühlingshafter Look!

  3. I love how you have mixed all your colours like that. I hate when you have amatching suit and part of it doesn’t look. Either way, you look stunning, and I adore that blouse.

  4. Christina! Evo da imas jednom i hrvatski komentar:-) Super izgledas i bas ti je cool stranica! Ej imam isti blazer, jos sam ga kupila i u crno-bjelo….:-) Zaljem ti puno ljepi pozdrava i vidimo se uskoro u Vrbnik!!! CMOOOOOOOK!! Valentina

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